Mobile EHR App: How do I fax a document from the iPad?


Faxing a Document on the EHR/EMR App

Within the EHR/EMR app, you can fax any document stored within your EHR's patient history. To access patient history, navigate to a patient page, tap on the patient name, then select 'Patient History'.


When you select 'Patient History', you'll be presented with a list of all the patient's documents, clinical notes, lab results, imaging, photos, and videos. Search for the document you wish to fax and tap to open it.


When previewing your patient document, tap on the upload button and select 'Send Fax' to reveal a page that will allow you to enter your recipient's information, your message details, and your signature.


After filling out this form with your recipient name, their fax number, a title, and an optional signature, select 'Send' on the upper right hand corner to deliver your fax. This document will be sent with your signature to your recipient. 

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