Mobile EHR App: How do I copy all or part of a note using my iPad?


Copying Notes on the EHR/EMR App

To save time in the EHR/EMR app, you can copy all or part of a previous clinical note for a new appointment. To begin, navigate to a patient's appointment and select 'Start Visit'.


Once the visit has been initiated, select 'Copy Other Note' at the upper right hand corner.



When you select 'Copy Other Note', you'll be shown a list of past appointments for the patient. From this list, select the appointment you would like to copy.


After selecting an appointment, select the components of the note you would like to copy. You may also choose to select the entire note. When you're satisfied with your selection, tap on the 'Copy This Note' button on the upper right hand corner.


After you copy the note, you'll notice that the fields within your selected templates have been filled out with the information previously entered. You may now make any appropriate changes to this template once it has been populated.

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