Mobile EHR App: How do I use drawing tools on the iPad?


Drawing Tools on the EHR/EMR App

By using your mobile device as an extension of your EHR, you have the ability to upload any image, draw and annotate directly on the image, then insert the image directly into your clinical notes. You may download the EHR/EMR app here. Your finished freedraw images will also be saved into your patient's documents for your records for you to fax or share with your patient.


To begin, navigate to one of your templates that have the "freedraw" object inserted. If you do not have any templates that have freedraw, refer to our guide on adding images and attachments to your clinical note. To begin drawing on your images, tap on freedraw.




Once you tap on the freedraw tool, you'll be presented with a page with either a blank page or an image. By default, a blank page will open in which you can either take a photo with your device's camera, upload a photo locally from your device, or attach a note, lab result, image, or any other document stored within your EHR under patient documents. If you have customized your freedraw page to open to a certain diagram or form, that picture will be shown instead.




To draw on the image, you may tap on the drawing tool to bring up several styles and colors to draw with. You may select from a pen or highlighter to draw with, creating either solid or translucent lines. In addition, you may select from three different line thicknesses and six different colors.




With drawing tools, you may easily indicate which portions of an image are important.




In addition to drawing, you may also add text to your freedraw photo. To add text, tap on the text icon and type whatever text you would like to present. With your finger, you may drag the text to your desired location.



If the image you are working with is not in your desired orientation, you may select the 'Rotate' button to rotate your image in 90-degree rotations.



When you're done with your freedraw, select the 'Save Freedraw' button. To view your freedraw in your clinical note, hit 'View Complete Note' to view your newly inserted image.





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