Mobile EHR App: Entering Vitals on Your iPad

Entering Vitals on the EHR/EMR App

If you're using the EHR/EMR app, you have two options in when to enter vitals: before/after the visit or during a visit. If your staff takes vitals before/after the provider sees the patient, they can enter vitals in without hitting 'Start Visit'. To do so, they can directly access the vitals page from the patient chart.


If the vitals are taken during the charting process, a provider or staff member can access the vitals page at the top of every charting page.


Upon hitting the 'Vitals' button for either page, a form will appear that will allow you to enter any of the patient's vitals, including custom vitals. Here you will also be able to view past instances of recorded vitals. You may enter vitals by tapping on the pencil icon then 'Save' when you are done.



Once you've entered the vitals for the patient, your entered vitals will be reflected on the patient's chart.

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