Patient Education Materials: How do I upload and share a document publicly?


Uploading and Publicly Sharing Documents with Patient Education

With Patient Education, you may upload and share documents to the public domain. These public documents are indexed by search engines and will consequently show up in search results. With public documents, your name is attached to the documents you upload, allowing you to build your presence and reputation if uploading quality content accessible by the public. 

Patient Education currently supports the following filetypes:

  • Document Filetypes: PDF
  • Image Filetypes: PNG, JPG, JPEG, GIF, BMP, TIFF

To upload and publicly share documents, mouse over the 'Clinical' tab in your navigation bar and select 'Patient Education Management'. 


After selecting 'Patient Education Management', you'll be brought to the Patient Education Resources portal. Here, select the 'Upload New Resource' button to the upper right hand corner of this page.


When you select 'Upload New Resource', a blank form will appear for you to fill out the details of your document. Upload your document by dragging the document onto the page. Fill out the title, description, any internal notes, and tags you would like to add. Filling out these fields will help search engines decide if your content is relevant.

To make the document public, be sure to select 'Public' under the privacy setting on this page. When complete, select 'Save' and your document will be uploaded to the public domain.



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