Adding Forms from the Form Library on the EHR App


Using pre-built forms is a great way to save time when creating your own templates and is also a great way to see what kind of templates work for other providers. In the EHR app, you may use a variety of community-sourced templates that other providers have submitted.


1. To get started, tap on Account in your navigation bar then select 'Medical Forms Library your left-hand navigation pane. 



2. Once you're in the Form Library, you can search for templates with the keywords you specify or search by specialty. When you've found a template you would like to use, select Use This Medical Form.



3. After tapping Use This Medical Form, you will be given two options: Use as Custom Form or Use as Workflow Template.

  • When you select the Use as Custom Template option and Save, the form will be moved to your account and can be found under the Additional tab



  • When you select the Use as Workflow Template option, you must select one of the preset forms that you would like to replace with the form you have selected from the library.
  • Setting a form as workflow allows you to replace the content under the Preset forms with a different form. 
  • Select the form you would like to replace, and tap Save



4.  Once the form is copied, tap OK. 

iPad_Account_Medical_Forms_Library_Use_This_Form_Template_Copied.PNG        Save_As_Work_Flow_Message.jpeg

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