Patient Education Materials: How do I privately share a document with my patient?


Private Documents in Patient Education

With Patient Education, you may upload any document or image and share it with your patient. You may also use any public documents stored in the drchrono Patient Education Materials repository. This feature can be used to provide your patients with a wealth of resources so that they become better informed. 

Storing a document privately allows you to build a library of useful documents to rapidly share amongst any current and future patients.


To begin sharing documents, mouse-over the 'Clinical' tab in your navigation bar and select 'Patient Education Management'.


When the Patient Education Resources portal loads, select 'Upload New Document'.


In the form that appears, drag and drop the document you would like to upload onto the page. Fill out the remainder of the form, making sure that the privacy setting is set to 'Private'. A private document will only be visible to you and any patient you decide to share the resource with. When you are done with the form, select 'Save' to upload the document to your drchrono EHR.


To share the document with your patient, go to your patient's chart and select 'Education Resources' from the left-hand navigation pane. Here you may search for your document, then select 'Share with Patient' to send the document to your patient's onpatient portal.

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