iPad eRx: How do I use the dose calculator?


Using the Dose Calculator on the Mobile EHR App

The dosage calculator works the same as the dosage calculator on the web EHR. Please note that though the dosage calculator is a convenient tool, it is not meant to replace your clinical judgement -- please evaluate the dosage before you prescribe.


To use the dosage calculator, open up a e-prescription order (Tap on Patient Name > Send eRx). The dosage calculator is located in the dispense section and can be identified as the calculator icon located in the dispense field. Tap on the the dosage calculator to begin.


When you tap on the dosage calculator, a form will appear that allows you to input a dosage, weight, and liquid measurements of your patient and the medication to be prescribed.

To use the dosage calculator, follow the following steps.

  1. Enter the dose per unit body weight for the medication. The calculator allows you to select between microgram/kilogram, milligram/kilogram, or gram/kilogram.
  2. Type in the body weight of the patient, your choice between kilograms or pounds
  3. The dose required will appear in the 'Dose' section. For a non-liquid dose, select 'Use' and your dosage will be automatically populated to your e-prescription dispense and unit fields.
  4. If you are using a liquid dose, type in the medication's concentration (microgram, milligram, or gram per liter or milliliter). Your liquid dose will appear in the 'Liquid Dose' section of the calculator. Select 'Use' to populate your dispense and unit fields.
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