How do I update or archive my custom procedures?



    Occasionally, the prices of your procedures and inventory will need to be changed. You may also decide not to offer a service and the related custom procedure code will need to be archived.  You can do both quickly and easily.


To begin, mouse over Billing in your navigation bar and select Custom Procedures.



   In your custom procedures page, you have a couple of different options.

  • History - this will show you the history of the custom procedure code including when it was created and any price changes.
  • Edit - this will allow you to make changes to the description, price, or cost.
  • Archive - this will allow you to archive the custom code, removing it from being selected on a patient appointment.




Other options on the page will allow you to export the information to an excel file (after requested, it will appear in your message center for retrieval), add new custom procedures, and view any custom procedure codes that have previously been archived.


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