Patient Education Materials: How do I use a document another provider uploaded?


Using Public Documents in Patient Education 

In Patient Education, providers may access and share documents other providers have uploaded to the drchrono community. By browsing through the repository of community documents, you do not need to create your own documents to share with your patients by providing your patients with community documents.

To use a public document, navigate to the document you wish to use by visiting In the information panel on the right side of the page, select 'Use this resource'.


If you are not signed in, you will be prompted to sign in with your drchrono login credentials. Once you log in, the document will be saved to your own Patient Education Resources library. From your navigation bar, mouse over 'Clinical' and select 'Patient Education Management' to view your library.


To share the document with your patient, view your patient's chart and select 'Education Resources'. Search for the name of the document you would like to share, then select 'Share with Patient' to the right of the document. The document will then be delivered to your patient's onpatient portal.


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