Template Builder: How do I use reference fields?


Using Reference Fields in the Template Builder

 In the template builder, reference fields allow you to cross-reference fields across different templates or within the same template. The purpose of reference fields is to easily pull values entered in a different field and have those values show up in a different section of your clinical note.

Possible uses include:

  • An onpatient template is filled out by the patient during the onboarding process. During the appointment, you can have a field that generates their response for your follow-up questions.
  • If you have a template that generates text for the purpose of printing a prescription or lab order, you can generate text from your clinical templates and then select print.
  • If you would like multiple instances of a value entered in your clinical notes, reference fields allow you to easily generate additional instances out of the section that the value was originally entered in.

Reference Field Setup 

To begin with reference fields, navigate to your template builder (Clinical > Builder). Before you add reference fields on to a template, make sure that you have a field or template set up that you would like to pull values from.



When that field is set up, drag and drop the reference field object from the right-hand 'Template Tools' pane to your desired location on a template.


Click the field to set up your reference scheme. Under the reference section, select the template your desired field is located. Then in the field below, select the field your value is pulled from. Now, when you enter in {{value}}, the text generated will be identical to text generated with the {{value}} field from the original field. When you're done setting up your generated text, select 'Save'.



When the field editor closes, be sure to also select 'Save' on your template.



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