Entering a Pending Pre-Authorization Number



     If you have been issued a preliminary pre-authorization number and it has not yet been officially approved, you can still enter the information you have into the patient's chart. 

  •      While in the patient's chart, click on the Authorizations tab.  



  • Click on Add New Authorization.



  • Fill in all of the information you have available, including pending authorization number, as well as any notes that you may want to include.



  • In order to save the pending authorization, you will need to check the Pending box.


   Once you receive the formal approval, you can add additional information by returning to the Authorizations section of the patient's chart and clicking on the Edit icon (blue pencil).




Please note, any pending authorizations (where pending box is checked) will not appear on the HCFA-1500 form, whereas any without the pending box marked, will.




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