iHCFA - How to attach documents to auto accident & worker's comp claims

Please note that these instructions pertain to users who have the iHCFA integration enabled. If you would like access to the feature, please contact your Account Manager for more information. 

1. Navigate to patient demographics, open the documents tab.

2. Click on "Select Files to Upload", select the files and click on "Upload Files".

3. Open an appointment's Billing Details screen by clicking on the date of service from Billing >  Live Claims Feed

4. Ensure the "Payment Profile" is set as "Worker's Comp" or "Auto Accident" (Red Box)Screen_Shot_2018-08-22_at_3.18.40_PM.png
"iHCFA Documents" tab will show up. (Orange Box)

5. Select the documents to be attached from the "iHCFA Documents".

6. Set the "Billing Status" to "Worker's Comp Claim" or "Auto Accident Claim" (Green Box)

7. Click on "Verify & Save" to submit the claim with the selected documents.

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