How do I port my fax number to DrChrono?


Porting Your Fax Number

If you have an existing fax number you would like to use as your DrChrono fax, you may port the number so that your fax number does not change when setting up your DrChrono account. Many fax numbers can be ported to the DrChrono fax service but not all fax numbers are available to port due to restrictions related to how your original fax is set up.

To port your fax, please contact a customer service agent by submitting a ticket here.

Please provide your agent with the following information:

  • The number you would like to port. 
  • What country the number is associated with. DrChrono's fax service only supports porting with U.S. and Canadian numbers.
  • The current carrier the number is associated with (eg. AT&T).
  • Your contact email address.
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