EPCS: Troubleshooting an Incorrect Authentication Code when Prescribing Controlled Substances

Troubleshooting the 'Authentication Code Incorrect' Error in EPCS

When you go to prescribe a controlled substance, you might be flagged with an 'Authentication Code is Incorrect' error. Most frequently, this error message comes up when the security code you entered has timed out in the VIP Access app. If that is the case, check the 'Ready to Sign' box and select 'Send Prescription' once again to try again with a new code.

If the problem persists, you may have encountered a problem with your device's association with your identity. This may be caused by the following actions:

  1. You uninstalled and reinstalled the Norton VIP Access app. This is a security measure implemented by Norton to prevent used or gifted phones from being used to authenticate a past owner's identity.
  2. You were a beta tester for EPCS. After the beta period, VIP Access credentials were reset and must be authenticated again.
  3. You reset your credential ID in your Norton account. 
  4. Norton/Symantec is encountering an error with their service

For events that do not involve a direct problem with Norton/Symantec's VIP Access/Identity Credentialing services, you may register a new hardware token to resolve your authentication issues. Note that this guide assumes you still have access to the device the VIP Access app was originally installed on. This guide does not address missing or stolen devices. If you have a missing or stolen device, refer to our guide on missing and stolen devices here.


Authenticating Your Device

To begin, access the Norton Secure Login panel within your account settings. To access this panel, mouse over 'Account' in your navigation bar, select 'Account Settings', then select the 'eRx Info' tab. At the bottom of your prescribing information, select the 'Norton Secure Login Settings' button to enter your Norton VIP Access Manager.


Upon selecting 'Norton Secure Login Settings', a login screen will appear, prompting you to enter your VIP Access security code. If your security code did not work with drchrono EPCS, your code will not work here. Instead, select the 'Need to receive your code another way?' link directly below the security code entry box.



On this page, deselect the 'Use this method for future login attempts' checkbox. Select the SMS or Voice Call methods then select 'OK'.


You will receive either a text message or phone call to your device. That message will contain your security code. Enter the code in the following page.


Once you type in your security code, you'll be brought to your device management portal. You will need to re-register your device. First, remove any unused or legacy devices that may be listed. Click on the 'Add another backup method' link to add your device. 


When you select 'Add a new backup method', you will be given three options to choose as a backup method. Due to DEA restrictions, only the 'VIP apps and hardware tokens' option (the first option pictured) is compatible with EPCS. Select 'Next' to continue.


Ensure the VIP Access app is installed on your device. Open the VIP Access app and type in your hardware credential ID and security token. When you hit 'Continue', your device will be registered within your Norton login. Afterwards, you will be redirected to the drchrono 'Account Settings' page where you left off. With your device associated with your Norton ID credentialing account, your ability to prescribe controlled substances will be restored.


Finally, make sure you click 'Make Default' next to your newly registered device.


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