How do I add a patient payment?

Adding a Patient Payment in the drchrono EHR

If you need to manually add in a patient payment, you may do so in the Patient Payments tool in the drchrono EHR. The Patient Payments tool not only allows you to add patient payments, but also allows you to track payments, balances, and statements. The types of payments that the Patient Payments tool tracks are cash, check, credit card, Square, and custom payment types.

To begin adding a payment, mouse over 'Billing' in your navigation bar and select 'Patient Payments'.


In the Patient Payments page, select the 'Patient Payments' tab and search for your patient's name.


In the page that follows, all your patient's past payments will appear. To add a new payment, you will need to fill in the information fields at the top of the payments list. When you are done, select the '+Add' button to add your payment.


When you add a payment, the payment will appear in the list of payments. Here you can generate a receipt for your patient by selecting the 'Receipt' button. You may also select payments for export or printing.


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