Account Setup: How do I submit an EDI enrollment request?


Pre-submission Requirements for Medical Billing EDI Enrollment

    In order to submit an EDI enrollment, you will need to first fill out your fundamental billing information within your DrChrono EHR account settings. To access your billing account settings, mouse over Account on your navigation bar and select Account Settings. In your account settings, select the Medical Billing tab. To set up an EDI enrollment, you will need to complete the section titled Medical Billing. This section requires your NPI, practice name, tax ID, and CLIA number/expiration.


Submitting an EDI Enrollment

  Once your medical billing information has been entered, you may now proceed with EDI enrollment request submission. In your navigation bar, mouse over Billing and select Insurance Setup.



Upon reaching the 'Insurance Setup' page, select '+New EDI Enrollment' in the upper right hand corner.


    In the enrollment page, type in your payer information and select Save and submit changes to support and your enrollment will be processed. Processing is done by a third party and may take an upward of two weeks to complete.  If any of the submissions require a wet signature, the paperwork will be sent to you via email.

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