EPCS: Adding a Device to Norton VIP Access

Adding a Device to Norton VIP Access

If you are an EPCS user and have more than one device and would also like to use that device to receive security codes, you may associate additional devices to your verified identity on Norton VIP Access. To begin, access the Norton Secure Login panel within your account settings. To access this panel, mouse over 'Account' in your navigation bar, select 'Account Settings', then select the 'eRx Info' tab. At the bottom of your prescribing information, select the 'Norton Secure Login Settings' button to enter your Norton VIP Access Manager.


When you select the 'Norton Secure Login Settings' button, you will be prompted to enter your VIP Access security code. Open the VIP Access app on your mobile device and enter the security code displayed. If your security code is not working please refer to this article.


Once you type in your security code, you'll be brought to your device management portal. To add a new device, select the 'Add another backup method' link below your devices.


When you select 'Add a new backup method', you will be given three options to choose as a backup method. Due to DEA restrictions, only the 'VIP apps and hardware tokens' option (the first option pictured) is compatible with EPCS. Select 'Next' to continue.


Download the VIP Access app on your new device. Open the VIP Access app and type in your hardware credential ID and security token. When you hit 'Continue', your device will be registered within your Norton login. Afterwards, you will be redirected to the drchrono 'Account Settings' page where you left off.

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