EPCS: What should I do if my phone is lost, broken, or stolen?

Resolving VIP Access Issues from a Missing/Nonfunctional Device

The Norton VIP Access system requires a user to enter an authentication code in order to access their device management profile in two ways:

  1. Using a valid VIP Access authentication code from your primary or backup device
  2. A backup method using an automated phone call or text message.

If you are an EPCS user and you are both (1) unable operate essential functions of your phone (phone/text) and (2) unable to obtain a valid VIP Access authentication code from your current or a backup device, as a last resort you may re-validate your identity to register a new device for Norton VIP Access. To safeguard against such incidents (lost, stolen, broken, or disabled), you may look through our guide on how to add a backup device here.


Re-validating Your Identity

To begin, access the Norton Secure Login panel within your account settings. To access this panel, mouse over 'Account' in your navigation bar, select 'Account Settings', then select the 'eRx Info' tab. At the bottom of your prescribing information, select the 'Norton Secure Login Settings' button to enter your Norton VIP Access Manager.


Upon selecting 'Norton Secure Login Settings', a login screen will appear, prompting you to enter your VIP Access security code. If you do not have access to a registered VIP Access device, you will need to select 'Need to receive your code another way?' directly below the security code field.


In the page that appears, select the 'Update Phone Number' option to reset all your VIP Access certificates. Be sure to deselect the "Use this method by default for future login attempts".


When you select 'Next', follow the on-screen instructs to re-validate your identity and set up a new VIP Access device.

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