Check-In App: Disabling Your Home Button with Guided Access


Enabling Guided Access on Your iPad

To use the Patient Check-In App to its full potential, you must prevent a patient from exiting the app. You may prevent the patient from exiting the Check-In app by enabling Guided Access on your iPad. This is especially important if you are using Kiosk Mode within the drchrono Check-In app where the iPad is placed in a kiosk stand intended for patient self check in.

To enable Guided Access, open your iPad system settings. In your settings page, select the 'General' tab and scroll down to tap on the 'Guided Access' option.


In the Guided Access settings, tap the toggle switch to the green ON position. Guided Access is now enabled. To activate Guided Access, open the drchrono Check-In app and rapidly press on your home button three times. Now the home button will be disabled until you triple tap your home button once again and type in your security pin number.

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