Check-In App: Customizing Your Kiosk Mode Check-In Process


Customizing Kiosk Mode Check-In on Your iPad

The drchrono platform includes the Patient Check-In App, an app independent of the EHR/EMR app that is designed towards streamlining the patient check-in process. Within the Check-In app, you may activate Kiosk Mode. With Kiosk Mode, your patient may verify his/her background information, answer basic questions, sign form without the supervision of a receptionist or staff member. You may customize your Kiosk Mode Check-In pages through the drchrono EHR or directly from the Check-In app.

To customize your check-in pages through the Check-In app, tap on the menu button in the upper right hand corner and select 'Customize Workflow'.


Here you'll be able to hide and reorder certain fields of the check-in workflow. To hide fields, tap on the hide button next to each field. To reorder the field, drag and drop the field by tapping and dragging on the area to the right of the field.


To execute the same operation on the drchrono EHR, select 'onpatient Templates' from the clinical tab.


To customize the content of your Additional Info and Reasons For Visit tabs, visit the template builder (Clinical > Builder). Select the onpatient templates and then drag/drop any content you would like into the template.

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