How to change the billing status to "Paid in full" and "Balance due" from billing screen

Enabling “Auto set Billing status” will help providers change the billing status automatically when they post payment from billing screen. The Billing status will change to "Paid in full" and "Balance due" according to the transactions posted on the claim.

To enable the settings, follow the steps below:

1. Hover over the “Billing” tab and select Account Settings:

2. On this page, select "Billing" tab from the headers.

3. Please scroll down to the "Miscellaneous" section. Below this section, you will see three check boxes for "Auto Set Billing Status". Select the second check box, this will automatically set the billing status of your claims when the insurance and patient payments are posted manually in the billing details screen.

Select the ones that you require and click on "Update Entire Profile" to save the changes.



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