How to fix a claim when you receive rejection "Phone number of billing office is required".



If any of your claims are denied/rejected for reason "phone number of billing office is required", following the steps below will rectify the issue so you can bill your claims.


  • First, you want to identify which office the appointment was billed under so you know which one needs updating.  You can find that information out by looking at the patient's appointment.


Looking through calendar

1. Open the appointment which has the Missing information.

2. Identify the office where the appointment is scheduled. It will be marked where the red arrow below is pointing.



Looking through the Live Claims Feed

1.  If you are in the Live Claims Feed when you discover the error, you can quickly see which office the appointment was scheduled in, so you know which one needs updating.

2.  On the top left, right below the patient name, is the name of the office.




  • Once you have identified which office needs to be updated, navigate to Account > Offices.



  • Locate the office you need to update and click on the blue Edit button on the right of that row.



  • On the Basic tab, enter the office phone number in the spot indicated below.



  • Click on Save.  

  • Now you can resubmit your claim and the phone number you just added will transmit in the appropriate place on the HCFA.


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