How do I automatically copy ICD-10 diagnosis codes to my patient's chart?


Automatically Copying ICD-10 Codes to Patient Problems List

With the 'Auto Set Problems' feature in the drchrono EHR, you have the option to type in ICD-10 codes into your appointment and have them automatically added to your patient's problem list. When paired with the 'Auto Set Diagnosis' feature, those codes will be also automatically added to future appointments with the patient, saving you time while scheduling appointments.

To automatically copy your ICD-10 codes to your patient problem list, you will first need to enable the 'Auto Set Problem' setting within your account settings. To access this setting, first mouse over 'Account' and select 'Account Settings'.


Within account settings, select the 'Billing' tab.


In your billing settings, scroll down to the 'Miscellaneous' section and check the 'Auto Set Problems' setting. Click 'Save' to continue.


Now when typing in ICD-10 codes into your appointment, those codes will be automatically copied to your patient problem list.


To view your patient's problem list, search for your patient to enter his/her chart then select 'Problem List' from your left-hand navigation pane.

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