How do I add a date range to my appointment templates?


Adding Date Ranges to Your Appointment Templates

Appointment Templates are associated with Appointment Profiles to establish office, exam room, week day, and duration parameters. Date ranges can be added to your appointment templates to account for availability changes. These changes may include:

  • Availability changes that vary by weekday
  • Availability changes based on seasonality

In order to add date ranges to your appointment templates, you will need to enable the "Date Range on Appointment Template" setting within your account settings. To begin, mouse over 'Account' and select 'Account Settings'. 


In your account settings, select the 'General' tab and check the 'Date Range on Appointment Template' box. When this is complete, click 'Save' at the bottom of the page.


When you enable the 'Date Range on Appointment Templates' setting, your appointment templates will now have fields to set a start and end date. These dates will be cross-referenced with your other appointment templates and will disable the 'Create' button if a conflict is found.

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