EPCS: How do I resolve a Norton 'Identity Confirmation Error'?

What is a credit file related 'Identity Confirmation Error'?

As required by the DEA, you are required to verify your identity use the Norton identity confirmation service as a pre-requisite for EPCS. Norton's identity confirmation service will perform a credit check as part of this process (does not impact your credit score).  While confirming your identity, an 'Identity Confirmation Error' will display one of the two following messages:

1. "We cannot confirm your identity because Norton Secure Login is blocked from accessing your credit file. To allow access, contact Experian through their website or call Experian support at +1 855-246-9409."

2. "We cannot proceed with Identity Proofing as your account is blocked."

These two errors are associated with a blocked credit file. If this error appears, please refer to the steps below to resolve this problem.

Resolving a Blocked Credit File 

In order to continue with the verification process, you will need to unblock your credit file. A blocked or frozen file is commonly caused by a credit protection service. The Norton identity proofing system using Experian to reference your credit background. Prior to registering with EPCS, you will need to contact the Experian at +1 855-246-9409 and lift any credit freezes and temporarily disable credit protection services. You may also lift a credit freeze here. If you employ blocking software to prevent credit fraud or credit checks (eg. LifeLock ID Theft Protection), this software may also need to be disabled. Afterwards, you may restart the Norton identity confirmation process to continue with EPCS. 

Please note that a blocked file can take 2-3 weeks to get removed automatically. Users may need to retry the EPCS registration every week to check if the credit file block has been lifted.

If you encounter this error and EPCS access is urgent, under limited circumstances our support team may be able to assist you in lifting the block as early as 1-2 weeks. 

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