RCM Tasks: What is the RCM Tasks Page?


An Introduction to RCM Tasks

The RCM Tasks page is designed to help you keep on top of tasks necessary for our RCM team to submit and follow-up on claims timely.  You can view a list of patient charts that need action, whether it is insurance/demographic or clinical related, all in one place. The feature is available only for Apollo Plus (Revenue Cycle Management) users.


To access the RCM tasks page, click on the icon in your navigation bar.



The RCM Tasks page is separated into five separate sections: Charges, Charts Not Signed, Charts Not Signed by Supervisor (if applicable), Pending Info Practice and Coding Clarification (if applicable).  Each section header will list the number of claims as well as the current dollar amount.


The five sections have the following functions:

 (Left side of RCM Task window) 

  1. Charges: Allows you to see at a glance the dollar amount of claims that are in each of the  impacted statues.
  2. Charts Not Signed: Displays all of the charts that were not signed and locked by the provider. Provides quick access to problematic charts by clicking on View and Sign Chart.
  3. Charts Not Signed by Supervisor: If enabled for your practice, this section will list claims that were signed/locked by the rendering provider but need sign off from the supervising provider.




(Right side of RCM Task window)

  1. Pending Info Practice: Lists claims that have been assigned to the office for assistance by the billing team.  Each will include a note as to what type of assistance/information is needed.  Appointments in this status usually are related to patient demographics or insurance.
  2. Coding Clarification: Lists claims that need coding related information or clarity in order to code.  (applicable to those plans where DrChrono is coding from the clinical note)


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