RCM Tasks: What is the RCM Tasks page?

An Introduction to RCM Tasks

The RCM Tasks page is a page designed to help you keep on top of tasks necessary for our RCM team to submit and follow-up on claims. This feature is available only to Apollo Plus customers (Revenue Cycle Management) users. To access the RCM tasks page, click on the '$' icon in your navigation bar.


With RCM Tasks, you can view a list of patient charts that need action done. The RCM Tasks page is separated into four separate sections: Charts Not Signed, Write-Off Requests, Chart Related Tasks, and Patient Info Related Tasks.


These four sections have the following functions:

  1. Charts Not Signed: Displays all of the charts that were not signed and locked. Provides quick access to problematic charts.
  2. Write-off Requests: Allows billers to request write-off approval from you.
  3. Chart Related: Quick access to charts with chart problems such as those related to diagnoses, CPT codes, modifiers, documentation, and any additional information required.
  4. Patient Info Related: Lists all requests related to patient information related topics:  Eligibility, pre-coverage, post-coverage, coordination of benefits, non-covered charges, returned patient statements, etc.
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