EPCS: What should I do if my physical address or phone number cannot be verified?

Resolving Problems with Physical Address/Phone Number Verification in Norton Identity Proofing

During the EPCS setup process, you will need to confirm your identity using Norton Secure Login (an Assurance Level 3 Credential Service Provider). While undergoing the identity proofing process, you will need to enter your phone number to receive an SMS/phone call to verify your physical address. This is the fifth step in the Norton Secure Login identity proofing process:

  1. Login or registration of a Norton Secure Login account.
  2. Verification/confirmation of an email address associated with the account.
  3. Personal Information: Social Security Number, Date of Birth, and Address.
  4. Credit Check and Knowledge Based Questions
  5. Verification of phone number and physical address with information associated with your credit check. By entering a six digit code sent to your phone, this step will be complete.
  6. Registration of a device for 2-Factor Authentication

When entering your phone number for this step, if your phone number does not match with records within Experian (the credit checking service Norton employs), you may still continue with the process. Instead of a phone number verification, you will be sent a physical letter to the address Experian has on file. 

On this physical letter, there will be a six-digit code that you may enter in the identity proofing process to verify your address. This letter will take 1-10 days to arrive. If you exit the identity proofing process and start the process over again, the code printed on the physical letter will be invalidated. If you enter an unmatched phone number again on your second attempt, a second physical letter will be mailed to your address. The second physical letter will contain a valid code for you to enter and continue the identity proofing process.

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