RCM Tasks: What do I do With Tasks my Biller Assigns Me?



Handling Tasks with the RCM Tasks Page

    With the RCM Tasks page, any claim/appointment that requires practice assistance in order to proceed will be listed in one convenient place.  The RCM Tasks Page can be accessed by clicking on the $ sign on the toolbar at the top right of the screen:




Tasks will show up in one of the two task categories:

  • Pending Info Practice: Lists claims that have been assigned to the office for assistance by the billing team.  Each will include a note as to what type of assistance/information is needed.  Appointments in this status usually are related to patient demographics or insurance.




  • Coding Clarification: Lists claims that need coding related information or clarity in order to code.  (applicable to those plans where DrChrono is coding from the clinical note)



To complete tasks your biller assigns you, click the View Claim button to the right of the task to view the claim. With each task, there will be a billing note entered to let you know what information/clarification is needed.  


Communicating with Your Biller

You may send a reply and/or question to your biller right within the appointment using the billing notes section. Here you may also attach any files that your biller may have asked you for. 

Just remember to click on the blue plus when you are finished with your note, update the billing status to Attention to Biller and click on Verify and Save.  This will place the claim back in their workflow.  They will see your note and will then be able to take the next appropriate action.









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