RCM Tasks: What do I do with tasks my biller assigns me?

Handling Tasks with the RCM Tasks Page

With the RCM Tasks page, your biller can give you basic tasks that are required for billers to be able to proceed with processing your claim. If you get a task, it will show up in one of the three task categories:

  • Write-off Requests: Allows billers to request write-off approval from you.
  • Chart Related: Quick access to charts with chart problems such as those related to diagnoses, CPT codes, modifiers, documentation, and any additional information required.
  • Patient Info Related: Lists all requests related to patient information related topics:  Eligibility, pre-coverage, post-coverage, coordination of benefits, non-covered charges, returned patient statements, etc.

To complete tasks your biller assigns you, click the 'View Claim' button below the task to view the claim. With each task, your biller will give you instructions. Follow your biller's instructions to complete your task.

Communicating with Your Biller

If you have questions regarding your task, you may send a reply to your biller. Here you may also attach any files that your biller may have asked you for. 


To send your message, select the send button to the bottom right hand corner of the task section.


Marking Tasks as Complete

When your task is complete and you wish to inform your biller the task is complete, select the task completed button and your task will be removed from your list.


If you removed your task unintentionally, you may select the 'Undo' button. This button will be available for ten seconds after you mark a task as finished.

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