How do I set up representatives on my OnPatient account?


A representative on OnPatient is an individual who may access the patient portal of another patient. This is useful for patients who may have difficulty accessing or managing their own patient portal. With representatives, you can send messages and access the health profile or those represented

Please note: Both users must have an existing account with OnPatient.

In this article we will review:

Setting up Representatives

1. To add or manage your representatives, begin by logging into your patient portal and clicking on your name. This will bring up your OnPatient profile settings. 



2. Within your OnPatient settings, select Representatives to bring up your representative management page.



3. Select the option Who Represents Me and enter the email address of the person trying to gain access to the account. Click the Search button. The representative must have an existing OnPatient account.


4. Once OnPatient recognizes the Parent/Guardian's or other representative's email address, select the green Allow (Representative's Name) to Represent me with (Provider's Name) button.  



5. Once approved, the representatives name will appear in the section.  Click Remove to take the person off of your representative list. 




After the representatives have been set up, representatives can send messages on behalf of the person they represent. OnPatinet_Representative_Message.png


Accessing the Health Profile

Go to Whom I Represent and click on the name of the person you represent to access their Health Profile. 





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