FAQ: What should I do if my sent faxes are too dark, too light, blurry, hard to read?


Using the Fax Enhancement Tool in the drchrono EHR

Fax technology in general is an dated technology that uses analog phone lines to send send black and white images (not compatible with greyscale). Since the nature of fax technology does not support greyscale, when documents are faxed with colors or significant quantities of grey, a fax machine implements a best guess to determine which pixels should be black or white to resemble grey. 

However, this may be unreliable and result in difficult to read faxes. Common causes:

  • Small text or small images
  • Grey text on a grey background
  • Fine lines or fine details
  • Documents rich in color
  • Faxes of document scans,  scans of scans, or faded documents.

Fortunately, if you must send a document that you suspect will be illegible to the receiver, you use the Fax Enhancement tool in the drchrono EHR. The tool works by increasing the contrast and brightness of the text to potentially improve the legibility of text.

To use the fax enhancement tool, open up any new fax page prompt in the drchrono EHR. This can be found within your patient's documents, the message center, or new referral pages.

Example (Patient Documents):


When you click the 'Fax' button on any page, the 'Fax Document' prompt will appear. In this prompt, there will be an 'Enhance Image' checkbox. By checking this check box, your fax will have increased contrast and brightness when sent. 

Disclaimer: The Enhance Image checkbox may decrease the quality of the fax on certain faxes by over-contrasting the document. This feature is intended for use with illegible faxes, not clearly legible faxes.

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