Charting By Exception


drchrono is proud to announce the addition of one of our most requested features: Charting by exception.  Charting by exception allows providers to quickly include pre-filled information while charting.  By saving time with charting by exception, you gain it back to spend with the patient.  The new functionality is available on each form builder field except for Free Draw, Header, Sub Header, and Reference fields because there is no interaction that occurs with those fields.  

If you would like to begin using charting by exception, please contact your account manager and they will turn this feature on for you.

Step 1: Hover your cursor over the "Clinical" tab and click on "Form Builder".  Once you're on that page, please click into one of the fields: 


Step 2: Once you click into a field (as long as it's one that requires interaction) you'll notice a "Default Value" switch.  Simply toggle the switch to the "On" position:


You'll notice the functionality pertains to even multi-select fields as well: 



Once configured, every time you start a note, all of your default fields will be automatically applied: 


Default Value fields will not appear in a clinical note unless the setting "Include in Note" is switched on.  This field is switched off by default: 



Default field values will be overwritten if the "Copy Previous Note" feature is used.



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