Updated Square Interface: Web

At drchrono, we refreshed our Square interface, making it easier to set up and utilize.  Please follow the steps below to setup our updated Square integration: 

*Please note: The refreshed Square interface will only run on our updated Patient Payments system.  If you haven't upgraded, please contact your Account Manager and they'll turn this feature on for you.  

Step 1: Please hover your cursor over the "Account" tab and click on "Account Settings."  Once you're on that page, please click on the "Patient Payments" tab:



Step 2: Please click the "Connect" button: 



Step 3: Please ensure your popups are enabled.  To complete the process, a popup window from Square will populate and prompt you to create your account.  Please click "Sign Up" if you do not have a Square account, or simply login to your existing Square account : 



Step 4: Upon clicking the "Sign Up" button, you'll be directed to a window to begin the sign-up process: 



From there, simply follow the prompts to enter your banking and business information and you're all set.  To login to Square, click here.

*If you wish to enable Square access across the practice group, simply select the checkbox and click "Update":



To contact Square support, or view their FAQ's, please click here.


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