Patient Payments 2.0

drchrono has released a refreshed and revamped Patient Payments system. By increasing visibility and including more tools at your disposal, you are equipped with higher control while utilizing this feature.  

Please hover your cursor over the "Billing" tab and click on "Patient Payments (beta)."  Once you're on that screen, you'll notice it looks quite different:  


By default, "Simple" and "Condensed" views will both be set to "On," this provides you with the cleanest, most straightforward view possible.  To view more in-depth, switch those views to "Off."  

To get started, please select a patient and choose a date range, and/or filter using a balance ($) filter.  Please click the "Update" button to populate the information: 



You'll notice that we're currently utilizing the "Payments" tab of this screen.  To export any info from the screen, please select which lines you'd like, or simply click the checkbox at the top to select all: 



 Clicking the option "Print Selected Receipts" will generate a printable pdf: 



Clicking "Export to CSV" will download the list directly in your Message Center.

To add a payment, simply click the green "+ Add" button: 


From the popup menu, please fill out the necessary information and click "Add": 


To "Move" an amount, please click on the small downward arrow, next to the "Receipt" button towards the right side of the screen ( *reference Patient Payments: Auto Fill article at this point if the provider has auto-fill enabled): 


And fill out the necessary information on the pop-up window and click "Move" & "Confirm": 



The "Line Items" tab will allow you to fill line items: 


Clicking on the "Fill" button toward the right side of the screen will populate a pop-up window where you are able to select and apply: 


The "Logs" tab provides a full overview of the events associated with that patient's billing.  Each time a payment is moved, logged, etc., you'll find it here: 


Clicking on any blue appointment date will bring you to the appointment detail screen: 


The "Statements" tab provides another view showing total paid, balance and so forth: 


The "Balance" tab provides greater ability to narrow down your search results, as well as export capability: 













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