MIPS: Electronic Health Record (EHR) Submission Method

Submission Method: Electronic Health Record

Submitting your data for the QPP program is possible with many submission methods. This guide goes over the "Electronic Health Record (EHR)" submission method:

  1. Download your data from drchrono in a QRDA file
  2. Upload your data to the CMS website

Steps for Electronic Health Record (EHR) QPP Submission

STEP 1: Access the drchrono EHR's MIPS/MACRA dashboard (Clinical > MIPS/MACRA)



STEP 2: Select a provider to report on and the reporting period for that provider. Then, select the 'Download' option. Select the 'QRDA XML' option to download the raw data used to submit to the CMS website. 


STEP 3: In your QPP portal, click on the "File Upload" button.



STEP 4: Drag and drop the downloaded QRDA file to the upload manager. After you click "Upload All", your data will be submitted to CMS for review. 


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