MIPS: Attestation Submission Method

Submission Method: Attestation

Submitting your data for the QPP program is possible with many submission methods. This guide goes over the "Attestation" submission method:

  1. Determine your numerator and denominator from the drchrono EHR MIPS/MACRA dashboard
  2. Enter in your numerator and denominator manually to the QPP portal.

Steps for Electronic Health Record (EHR) QPP Submission

STEP 1: Access the drchrono EHR's MIPS/MACRA dashboard (Clinical > MIPS/MACRA)



STEP 2: Select a provider to report on and the reporting period for that provider. 



STEP 3: Log in to your QPP account and select a performance category. For that performance category, select the "Attestation" option.



STEP 4: Affirm the required attestation statements



STEP 5: For each measure, take a look in our MIPS/MACRA dashboard. Enter in the numerator and denominator for each measure (if applicable) or check the exclusion checkbox.

In the drchrono EHR MIPS/MACRA dashboard, identify your numerator and denominator shown as "Met Requirements":



In your QPP submission portal, enter your numerator and denominator:


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