MIPS: How do I check my MIPS Participation Status?

Your Participation Status

The MIPS program applies to all providers and groups that bill Medicare Part B with certain exceptions. Read below to determine if you're included or exempt from MIPS this reporting period.

General Information on Exceptions:

  • Is a first-time enrollee as a Medicare Part B physician
  • Billed Medicare for less than $30,000
  • Has provided care for fewer than 100 or Medicare patients

If applicable, you may also file for a hardship exemption: Quality Payment Program: Hardship Exemption

Note: This information isn't meant to be a definitive -- we'd recommend following the steps below to verify your MIPS participation status using the QPP website.


Checking Your Status

STEP 1: Check your participation status in the MIPS program on the QPP website: CMS Quality Payment Program. Type in your NPI to see your participation status.


STEP 2: Look for your clinician reporting eligibility status.

Participating Providers: For providers that are mandatory participants in MIPS, your eligibility page will show the following dialogue.


Exempt Providers: For providers that are exempt from MIPS, your eligibility page will show the following dialogue.


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