TriZetto Website Training

You can sign up for TriZetto client website webinar on your TriZetto website. Using your site ID and login credentials login to the TriZetto website:

After you have signed into your TriZetto account, go to the Resources tab, Training.  From here you will then select the training applicable to your practice. The ‘Website Overview’ is the first recommended training.  Here is where you would find that information to sign up for the webinars:


It will then bring up the available times and dates that you can register for (see below).  If none of those times or days’ work, register for one and a link will be sent to you after the training has occurred. 

If the times do not work for you, a link will be sent with a pre-recorded session.  If you still have questions, you can always contact TriZetto's Customer Service department to assist you with any questions.  They are open from 7am CST to 6pm CST Monday through Friday and can be reached at 800-556-2231



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