New Feature: Bulk Lock Clinical Notes

DrChrono has implemented a new feature to save providers time.  By implementing a bulk sign and lock tool, gone are the days when you must go into each clinical note to sign and lock it.  If you would like this feature turned on please contact


Steps to accessing the bulk lock tool: 

Step 1: Hover cursor over the "Clinical" tab and click on "Clinical Notes".  

Step 2: Once on the screen, please make necessary selections based on date range, provider, and more: 


Step 3: Once the desired selections have been made, please click the "Bulk Lock Notes" button: 


Step 4: Please select which notes, or select all and click the "Lock" button: 


ATTENTION: The list of clinical notes for bulking locking is limited to 50 entries. If your total notes for locking are greater than 50 be sure to use steps 3 and 4 on the remaining pages of the unlocked clinical notes.

A confirmation window will appear prompting you to click "OK". 

Note: Please be aware this process takes a few minutes to complete. 

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