Document Management: Uploading/Importing Multiple Documents for different patients.


With DrChrono's Document Management tool, you can import several documents for different patients into the software, all in one, easily accessible spot.  

Step 1: Please hover your cursor over the "Clinical" tab and click on "Document Management":


*Here is what the document management screen looks like: Document_Management___drchrono.png

*You'll notice we have separate tabs for "Upload Files," "Pending Files" and "Completed Files."  By breaking out the workflow into different tabs, you can quickly view and keep track of where your files are at regarding upload progress and history.  

Step 2: To upload files, either drag & drop or click on the "+ Add files" button: 


*After loading a file, you'll notice it reflects right away if it was successful or not (to delete a file, click on the red "X" to the right of the screen): 


Note: In a single batch, you can upload 100 files or 100MB of files, whichever limit is reached first. 

Step 3: After uploading desired files, please click over to the "Pending Files" tab.  Once on the screen, you can search for files by patient, description, & tags.  You also can associate each with a patient if they're not already attached: 


Step 4: Once the desired files are identified and selected, please click the "Complete Selected" button.  Once this action is complete, the files will move to the "Completed" tab: 


*Once on this tab, you can re-associate to another patient, update the description, update tags, edit, print, and fax.  Clicking on the pencil icon will populate this view:

Note: To save any changes; please click the blue "Update Document" button.   






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