EPCS Norton Symantec Troubleshooting Steps

 Effective 09/10/2018 in regards to the Norton Outage. 

NOTE: It is imperative that these steps are followed EXACTLY as listed.  Any deviation in the order will result in failed registration.  

Step 1: Please uninstall and then reinstall the VIP Access Application on your mobile device.

Step 2: Login to your drchrono account via desktop, navigate to "Account," click on Account Settings" and then the "eRx Info" tab.  

Step 3: Please click the orange "Norton Secure Login Settings" button.

This will prompt you to enter a six-digit code. DO NOT ENTER THE CODE FROM YOUR VIP ACCESS APP. Please select the drop-down, "Choose a Different Method," and select "Receive by Voice call" or "Receive by SMS." Once your option is selected and the code has been received, enter the code and select "Verify."

Step 4: Once the code has been verified it will take you into the Norton Secure Login Settings.

Step 5: Select "Add a New Method."  Choose "VIP Security Token" as your secondary method. Enter the Credential ID (alphanumeric e.g. SYMC12345678) and the six-digit code from the VIP Access App and select "NEXT."


Step 6: Find the VIP Access app (under the heading: Secondary Method) with the Credential ID with today's date listed below it and select "Make Default." 

Step 7: Delete any previous VIP Access app(s) under Secondary Method. Select Done.

Step 8: Please move forward with prescribing a controlled substance: How to Prescribe Controlled Substances



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