Patient Payments: Error Corrections & Deleting Payments


Note: It is not recommended that anyone ever deletes a payment.  Instead, please utilize the "Correction" type as a new line item to account for any errors.  Correcting an error will allow the history to remain should there be a need to research the payment in the future.


Step 1: Please click the green + Add button: 


Step 2: Please select a payment date, an appointment, provider, payment method, and under the Type field, please select Correction.  The amount will populate as a negative value: 


After clicking Add,  it will populate as a new line item with the correction under the Type field: 


If you need to print a receipt for the patient, or for record keeping purposes, we automatically include a note stating it is a correction:




If you would like to delete the payment altogether, please follow the steps included in this guide (Deleting a payment).

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