How to Use the Stripe Dispute Dashboard


When a Stripe dispute (also known as a chargeback) is created, a notification is sent to your Message Center to alert you of the newly filed dispute.



To view the details of a filed dispute, hover over the "Billing" tab and select "OnPatient Payments" to access the Stripe Dashboard.



The first tab you will see is the "Payments" tab. This tab includes a listing of all your recent Stripe payments including those that are in dispute. The details of any disputed charge are accessible by clicking on the status of the dispute.   



To view all of your active disputes, select the "Disputes" tab. This tab includes a listing of each dispute by Dispute ID number.



Dispute ID numbers are clickable and will reveal additional dispute details. The Disputes tab also displays the date a dispute was filed along with the due date for submitting evidence to support the disputed charge. Instructions for using our Evidence Upload Tool can be found HERE.

A status is indicated beside each dispute and may include one of the following: 

  • Needs Response (Dispute requires evidence.)
  • Under Review (The patient's financial institution is reviewing the evidence submitted.)
  • Lost 
  • Won 

Any time the status of a dispute changes or if you are approaching the deadline to provide evidence for a dispute, a notification is sent to your Message Center to alert you. 



Once a dispute is initiated, the disputed amount will be immediately returned to the patient/cardholder from your Stripe account balance. If the dispute is won by the practice, your Stripe account will be incremented with the disputed amount. If the dispute is lost, the card issuer’s decision is final and the patient's/cardholder’s payment remains refunded. A $15 dispute fee will also be applied to your DrChrono invoice upon losing a dispute.

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