How do I add a Patient's Address to the Appointment Window on the iPad/iPhone?


We have created a way to allow providers a quick glance to identify the address of a patient in the Appointment Detail View. You can enable this feature on the iPad/iPhone by following the steps below:

1. Open the DrChrono application and select "Account."


2. Select "Appointment Detail View Settings."


3. Find "Patient Address" and turn the switch to green to enable this feature.



*Please Note: If you would like the Patient Address section to be viewed at the top of the appointment window, press and hold down the three stacked lines and drag it to the top (screenshots included below). This will allow you to view the patient address at the top of the appointment window screen instead of scrolling through the appointment window to find it. 




Select an appointment, you will now be able to view the patient's address at the top of the appointment window.  


If the address is valid, it will allow you to tap on it and open that address in the Apple Maps app. You can also press and hold the address to generate a drop-down menu giving you the ability to choose which action you would like to take. 


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