Inflection - Manual Utility Verification Process

During the DUO registration process providers will need to complete either a utility or financial verification section. In an instance where the information provided (name, address or phone number) does not match what is in the database of LexisNexis (Inflection's utility verification partner), manual verification is required.

To complete the manual verification, the provider will need to email Inflection ( to request a link to upload a copy of their utility bill for manual review*Please note, the request for this link has to come from the provider. The link will direct the provider to the Manual Review site. Once on the site, please use the button on the site to upload a JPEG ONLY file of a full page bill that includes the provider's legal name and personal home address (no P.O. boxes). Once the documentation is reviewed the address will be verified.

**Inflection cannot accept bills emailed directly to the Manual Review email address. The above instructions must be followed.**


Acceptable forms of utility bill documentation include:






If the provider does not have any utilities under their name the following documentation will also be accepted:

Mortgage Statement

Checking Account Statement

Savings Account Statement

Credit Card Statement



What is the turn around time from when a provider submits the requested documents? Typically the same day, however, it may take up to 48 business hours.

Once the manual verification is completed, how would a provider continue the DUO enrollment process? Once the manual review process is complete, the provider will need to access the original email containing the Duo link to re-start the process. When accessing the Duo link after the manual review has been completed, the provider WILL NOT be asked to complete the utility or financial verification. They will still be required to successfully answer the security questions.  

How is the provider notified once the utility bill is reviewed? The provider will be notified via email. This information will all be contained in the email for the provider as well.


Inflection Support: 855-496-1546

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