How do I hide medications and allergies from the clinical note?


By default the medications and allergies will appear on the clinical note.  There are two options to hide them from the completed note.  

Option 1: Hiding medications and allergies from an individual note.  

1. Once in the clinical note, click on the H&P or the SOAP tab.  From there click on the Medications & Allergies Tab. 



2. After clicking on the Medications & Allergies tab, click on the add to note option.  This will take the medications and allergies off the clinical note. 





3. Click on the Allergy tab and repeat the process.  


Option 2: Hiding Medications & Allergies from all of the notes.  

It is possible to change the default setting to hide medications and allergies from all of your clinical notes. 

1. Go to Account > Account Settings 


2. Click on the General Tab and scroll down to the Clinical Notes section. 


3. In the clinical notes section, check the 'Hide Medications & Allergies by Default' 


4. Scroll down and click 'Update Entire Profile' to save this setting.  Medications & Allergies will no longer show on clinical notes by default. 


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