DrChrono Now Offers an Enhanced Free Trial Program after Ending Free Account Plan.

What has changed?

For the past 10 years, DrChrono has offered users to try out a limited, but free to use account of the DrChrono EHR software. However, the demands and expectation of EHR software have become more sophisticated leading to a tough and emotional decision to sunset the DrChrono free account plan in favor of supporting a more comprehensive trial.

Why the change?

The DrChrono free account plan was extremely well received in years prior. However, users shopping for EHRs have misinterpreted this free account version of DrChrono as representative of our paid software. In fact, most free account users expect advanced paid-plan features in the free accounts.

In the past year, the free EHR market has collapsed resulting in other EHR companies either going out of business or switching to paid subscriptions. We have spoken with many of our new customers and have discovered that many practices no longer trust free EHR software.

Our original intent of a free account was to give practices a chance to use DrChrono platform on a limited basis to be able to complete the basics of scheduling and charting. This has provided some improvement on the previous paper process that many practices were used to before the HITECH Act and Meaningful Use were in place. The free account provides few clinical and administrative functions but no integrated third party software. The free account by no means was meant to represent the full capability of DrChrono EHR.

Free EHR software no longer meets the current expectation for what an EHR should deliver and user feedback has pointed towards needing a more comprehensive experience in a trial to fully understand DrChrono’s capabilities. We have seen this in our new client data showing more and more practices have chosen to start their practices on a paid plan rather than on a free account because of better capabilities and experience for providers and patients.

What is the difference between a Free Account and a Free Trial?

The newly introduced free trial will include more comprehensive clinical, administrative functionalities and automation but will not include third party services or software. This comprehensive trial version will better reflect what users can expect from using DrChrono EHR on a paid plan; however, the trial version will have a time limit.

What does upgrading get me?

Upgrading to a paid plan with DrChrono will get you immediate access to all the features of the subscribed plan, in addition to:

  • access to third-party integrations
  • an implementation team for training and additional account setup
  • an account manager
  • DrChrono customer support 

To get a more comprehensive information or upgrade options and promotion offers, click here or ask us at sales@drchrono.com.

Want to learn more about DrChrono EHR and billing platform?

Schedule a demo to learn more with a product specialist click here or email us at ehr@drchrono.com.

How to get my patient data out of DrChrono?

We understand that some providers using a DrChrono free account have retired or will decide not to upgrade to one of our paid plans. You will have free read-only access to your data for an additional three (3) months after your free account expires on 1/31/2019. You can use this time to extract your patient data out of DrChrono (see below).
Updated January 23, 2019: New Read-only conversion date: 2/28/2019

*To download the CCDA file (required): click here

Updated December 20, 2018: We have enabled our Box integration and our Advanced Reports tool to simplify the process for free account users to retrieve their data. To learn more, click How to Use the Box integration and How to Use Advanced Reports.

How do I keep my data on DrChrono after 4/30/2019?

For practices that would prefer to keep the information in DrChrono with read-only access after 4/30/2019, a yearly subscription of $50/month is available. To elect to have a read-only account click here or email us at ehr@drchrono.com.
Updated January 23, 2019: New Free account expiration date: 5/31/2019

My practice is on a paid plan and I received an email about my account ending. What does this mean?

Some of our current paying customers have created one or more free accounts. Please double check your receiving email address and your email associated with your DrChrono account. If the emails are different, the free account associated with the emailed account will end and your current paid account will not be affected. If this is not the case, please alert your account manager now or email us at ehr@drchrono.com.


  • Updated January 23, 2019: In assisting the transition we are extending the conversion dates by 1 additional month. 
    New Read-only conversion date: 2/28/2019
    New Free account expiration date: 5/31/2019



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