EHR App: How To Access Support


Similar to the "Support" option in the bottom left corner of the drchrono web system, you can access our Support Center on the EHR application.


1. Tap the "Account" option in the bottom toolbar

2. Tap "Help" in the menu on the left

3. You can search for an article, or submit a ticket to our team using the "Contact us" option in the top right 



4. You can review tickets currently open, or submit a new one:

5. Fill out the details of your ticket, including relevant Chart ID, Date of Service, and description of the issue. You can also attach relevant files and screenshots using the paper clip icon on the left side!



6. Tap "Send" to contact our team. Replies will be sent to the email on file for your account. You can also return to the "Help" screen to monitor the status of your requests!



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